Love Letter to Your City

What's a better way to celebrate my one-year anniversary of being an official New Yorker than to profess my love for the city? I got the idea from Good Magazine's article "Love Letter to Your City", and I figured it would be a good way to reflect on my time here. 

I hope you all will be encouraged to do the same, I would love to read them!

Basic Instructions:
          1. Get stationary and hand write your letter to the city. This can be in whatever format: prose, poetry, sonnet, etc.
          2. Write about anything that comes to mind--a particular memory, things you love, things you're thankful for, and what your future together looks like.
          3. Sign, date, and add perfume as a bonus!
          4. Share your love! Post it all over your city so that it can be experienced by other city-lovers.